Our Director, Rakesh Pandey, has been recognised as an expert in study skills and motivation for over two decades. He started this company while still at school through offering tuition services for struggling students. It grew and evolved as he gained a 1st class honours degree in Zoology from the University of Otago, trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, graduated from the Success Motivation Institute and received advanced training in accelerated learning techniques from America. Rakesh has a passion for everything he does, and his natural empathy is an essential tool allowing him to have connected with thousands of students, positively changing their lives and those of their families. Students feel comfortable around him and open up to him, letting him into their lives. Currently, Rakesh is also a sought-after business consultant in most areas of human resource management, provides executive consultancy for a large number of businesses, and a respected former board member of the Otago Chamber of Commerce.

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Tutors and Staff:

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