NCEA and IB Tutoring

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Our experienced Study Coaches at Big Picture Learning provide the best one-on-one NCEA and IB tuition in Dunedin.

By improving study and organisation skills, as well as providing expert help with internals and externals, we ensure students get higher grades in all core subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, History, Geography, Economics, Accounting and Physical Education.  A personalised plan allows all tuition to be tailored to each student’s individual learning style.

We offer cost-effective, enjoyable services. To learn more, select an option below.

Comprehensive Study Coach Tuition

  • Intensive tuition across all subjects, including preparation for internal assessments and the external exam.
  • A realistic study plan is set each week for every subject and progress is tracked by the Study Coach.
  • Emphasis on studying smarter, not harder – time management skills, memory tricks and highly effective study techniques are all taught.
  • Study Coaches are high-achieving university students that understand and engage with school pupils in an enjoyable way, meaning students look forward to attending each week.
  • This option delivers incredible results beyond the classroom, developing personal responsibility and attitudes for success in all fields.
  • FREE access to NCEA success study guides.
  • Sessions are one hour weekly or fortnightly. Bookings must be made in blocks of 12 sessions.
  • Cost is $75 / session, or $900 in total (+GST).

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Successful Study Skills Course

  • The successful studies course must be completed before enrolling in other options.
  • During these sessions students decide realistic subject goals and changes of behaviour they want to implement.
  • Students will clearly identify what they believe are their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students’ confidence will be enhanced by clearly identifying what is required to get merit or excellence in exams.
  • During the sessions strong subjects will be reinforced, and any obstacles preventing students getting high grades in their weaker subjects will be eliminated.
  • By doing a complete audit of their study skills, attitudes and organisation ability students will establish a solid foundation from which to improve their grades.
  • Students will implement an action plan to get the grades they want.
  • Included is a start-up pack containing motivational and learning resources.
  • Price:  $368 for three sessions

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Single-Subject Tuition

  • This option is not currently available.
  • This cheaper option is best suited for students struggling or wanting to excel in a particular subject.
  • Includes preparation for internal assessments and end of year exams.
  • Tuition is with a small group of students at a similar level, meaning students engage with their peers and have fun learning.
  • Study expectations are set each week and progress is tracked by the Study Coach.
  • Students learn time management skills to overcome barriers like procrastination and get higher grades.
  • FREE access to NCEA success study guides.
  • Sessions are one hour weekly. Bookings must be made in blocks of 12 sessions. Cost is $45 per session, or $540 in total (+GST).
  • This option is not currently available.

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What makes us the best choice?


Our Study Coaches will give you the best tutoring available for whatever you’re worried about or want to do better in. We’ll teach you study techniques that will help with all of your subjects and make your study stress-free.


You’ll be tutored by University students who were Duxes at high school: young people who know first-hand exactly how to ace your internals and exams.  This will be backed up by the best revision resources available in the country.


Bring a friend along, or make a new one here! School and university students of all ages love coming to Big Picture Learning. You will find study more fun and productive when you share resources with friends.


The study space at Big Picture Learning is nothing like a classroom. We have a range of different study areas, TVs and computers for visual learning, comfortable seats and relaxing music. All to get you in the right head-space for success.


Study Coaching isn’t just about doing well in exams. It’s about being your best and living the life you really want. We have confidential, friendly chats about what you hope to achieve and work with you on a plan to get there.


We address the root causes of problems with study, such as bad habits, lack of self-belief, stress, or unclear goals, not just the symptoms like low grades.


Students who come to Big Picture Learning replace stress about exams with confidence in their knowledge and abilities. They also ditch the symptoms of stress like anger and sleep deprivation.


We take an active interest in the career aspirations of our students, by providing advice on the subjects they should take to achieve their goals.


We teach students to take responsibility for their own learning – giving parents and caregivers a break!


We provide free access to the best study resources from the past 30 years, as well as direct access to the team who created world-leading revision tool NCEA Eagle.


The young people who come us acquire the skills for success in the 21st century – initiative, self-motivation, flexibility and lateral problem-solving.


We provide continuous and detailed feedback to keep you in the loop about your son/daughters’s progress.


We fight procrastination by establishing a realistic study routine, identifying weekly priorities and tracking what students actually do.