NCEA Eagle

What is it?

“NCEA Eagle students create perfect answers for the most likely questions that will turn up in their NCEA exams in such a way that they are unforgettable.”

NCEA Eagle creates revision notes that guarantee high grades in NCEA exams. It was created by Otago University research scientists, graduates and teachers. NCEA Eagle is available in all year 11, year 12 and year 13 maths and science subjects.

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Online Interactive

NCEA Eagle is completely online. Talk, help, or compete with your friends as they go through NCEA Eagle.

450+ Questions

Follow simple instructions at your own measured pace and start looking to your NCEA External exams.

On Any Device

NCEA Eagle will be available on your computer, tablet or phone. So you can study wherever and whenever you want.

Top Resources

Avoid mistakes that most students make by using the top resources available in New Zealand 24/7.

Big Picture Views

Templates with instructions on how to make revision notes for NCEA exams in such a way that they become unforgettable.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with top of the line analytics that will show you how fast you are improving.

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Every student receives a certificate when NCEA Eagle has been 100 percent completed…

NCEA Eagle will improve your son or daughter’s NCEA results

“Our Promise to You is that NCEA Eagle will allow you to achieve substantially higher grades.

If you follow our system and you do not receive higher grades, contact us and we will refund your investment, no questions asked,”

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Didn’t I see this on TV once?

Yes, and in fact you may have seen it several times: