What Our Clients Say

Dux at King’s High School

Alex Salis
What does Alex Salis say about Big Picture Learning?
If you want higher marks and less stress at University or high school, I strongly recommend going to Big Picture Learning.  They helped me get excellences in my internals and made sure I followed a system that guaranteed me the grades I wanted.

The best advice I can give you is that if you really want to succeed academically, you need to start now, as it takes a while to implement the new study skills that guarantee you substantially higher marks.

Dux at St Hilda’s College

Claudia Paterson receiving the St Hilda’s College Dux award 2014.
What does Claudia Paterson say about Big Picture Learning?

I started attending Big Picture learning in Year 10 and stayed through to Year 13. In Year 10 I was an above average student but wanted higher grades. One year later I was achieving excellence in most internals and externals. In Year 11 and Year 12 I won the highest academic achievement award.

In Year 13, even though I got very busy having other leadership roles at my school, Big Picture learning kept me on track, tutored me and fine-tuned my studies. They helped me balance my academic, social and sport commitments at school and not lose track of my goal. At the end of Year 13 I won the St Hilda’s Dux scholarship, first in subject for physics, calculus and history, the Roslyn Physiotherapy Health Sciences award and an honourary award for all around achievement.

Rhodes Scholarship recipient 2013

Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae congratulates Ben Abraham after he won the Rhodes Scholarship.
What does Ben Abraham say about Big Picture learning?

Rhodes Scholarships are the pinnacle of achievement for university graduates wishing to pursue postgraduate study at Oxford University, one of the world’s leading universities.  This prestigious scholarship provides funds to study Postgraduate work at Oxford University.

Through working with Rakesh Pandey in Big Picture Learning, I was able to conquer one of the most difficult goals in my life.

Working with Rakesh has been fantastic. With his support I have been able to unlock my potential and achieve my most ambitious goals. He is incredibly insightful and through working with him I have improved my performance not just as a student, but as an all-round individual. The lessons, ideas, and skills he has helped me learn and develop will be ones I carry with me and draw on for the rest of my life.

IMGP0612The extra advice that the Study Coaches have given me has been fantastic! I really gained confidence from attending Big Picture Learning. By applying the skills I learnt and discovering what examiners want in exams, I was Dux of my school in 2007.


Lucy NewtonThe results from my new study techniques have really helped me boost my confidence, and taught me how to be more productive with my study. Having a Study Coach gives me more time for my sports.


IMGP0646The Study Coach really helped me to track my study. The systematic approach gave me not only a deeper understanding, but also insight in how to answer questions properly in exams.


libby-ockwell photoDear Rakesh. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the past two years. All the times you have gone above and beyond helping me with applications, meeting me at SUCH short notice and providing me with fantastic advice. I cannot explain how much I have appreciated it. From the shy Year 11 to the confident person I am today, I have seen such a big change in myself and this is all thanks to you.  Before I did not have the confidence to strive and be ambitious, but you have brought out the best in me; something I am going to be ever grateful for. My future is looking bright, and that is all thanks to you and Big Picture Learning.



If you want to get the highest grades you are capable of and more importantly the self-belief and motivation to achieve extraordinary feats in your life I recommend Big Picture Learning.

IMGP0611I confronted issues such as laziness and a short concentration span. My Study Coach then showed me how to keep on track by setting goals.


IMGP0627I find that my Study Coach is really helpful when I cannot understand concepts or questions. This is particularly helpful when doing assignments throughout the year, and the system has given me a structure to study which I can use for the rest of my life.


James SkeggsBefore coming to Big Picture Learning I had low marks. I wasn’t organised or confident. The Study Coach got me organised, taught me some valuable study skills and showed me ways to relate better to my work. This resulted in much higher marks.


IMGP0596I learnt more maths in three weeks here, than I’ve learnt in three years at school. Better yet, I now know that what I want in life is possible.


IMGP0643The Study Coach helped me with motivation and to set personal goals for myself, which meant that I was able to keep calm when exams came around; no stress!