Are you studying at University or Polytech but not getting the results you desire?

Is your workload too much and you need some help taking control? We offer a number of courses specially designed to ensure tertiary students make the most of their education.

In 2013 one of our students gained a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. We also helped a struggling first year student in obtain the grades he needed to continue in his programme. If you are driven to succeed at the highest level, or if you are lacking self-motivation and time management skills, our Study Coaches can help you achieve outstanding results this year.

Enjoy looking forward to your exams

Practise answering questions succinctly.
Identify likely mistakes and make them into strengths.
Enjoy remembering perfect answers to the most likely questions.

Successful Study Skills Course

  • Note: This option must be completed before enrolling in other courses.
  • Three intensive, one hour sessions.
  • Tertiary students will initially undergo an extensive study audit on their current study skills and attitudes.
  • Students will have an up front discussion on what they believe their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • From this base students will be introduced to:
    • Systems and study skill techniques that build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
    • An organisation system that incorporates rewards for achievement of goals.
    • Techniques to put their energy into productive study and by doing so eliminating stress and anxiety.
    • Big Picture Views and how they can be used to create swot notes that allow for a variety of study styles.
    • A system to tap into a deeper mind state that allows information to be put into their long term memory efficiently.
    • Processes that can be used to boost grades in any subject.
    • A start up pack containing motivational and learning resources is included.
  • All the information we discuss is strictly confidential.
  • The cost is $368 for the three sessions.

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Study Coach Study Management

  • For students who want to excel at Otago University or Otago Polytechnic, these sessions offer one on one mentoring with Rakesh Pandey himself, who will take them through a step-by-step program to ensure study success.
  • Over 12 hour-long sessions the student’s progress will be tracked with plans in place to ensure they are prepared for exams and assignments.
  • During the weekly hour sessions students will:
    • Become more organised and develop time management strategies.
    • Keep their goals realistic and be encouraged to take rewards when they achieve them.
    • Benefit from learning the best study techniques in the world.
  • Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. Bookings must be made in blocks of 12 sessions. Cost is $150 per session.
  • This more expensive option is suitable for students who are looking to excel and set themselves up for a lifetime of success.

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Study Coach Full Study Tuition

  • Following on from the Successful Study Skills Course, tertiary students will be supported by an Study Coach who will assist them in implementing and tracking the skills and techniques they have been taught.
  • During twelve one-hour sessions the Study Coach will make sure the student takes responsibility for their own learning and help eliminate issues such as procrastination.
  • Furthermore, the Study Coach will assist the student in:
    • Providing tools to overcome any barrier that could stop them achieving their goals.
    • Fine tuning skills and attitudes that will significantly boost their study productivity.
    • Setting up a tracking and priority system designed to continually improve grades.
    • Implementing the habit of writing revision notes upon completion of a topic.
    • Improving thinking skills and memory triggers while utilising review schedules.
    • Using self-motivation techniques which remove stress and anxiety.
  • During the sessions, assistance will also be given in writing essays, completing assignments and preparing for exams.
  • Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. Bookings must be made in blocks of 12 sessions. Cost is $75 per session, or $900 in total (+GST).

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