Dux at St Hilda’s College

Claudia Paterson receiving the St Hilda’s College Dux award 2014.
What does Claudia Paterson say about Big Picture Learning?

I started attending Big Picture learning in Year 10 and stayed through to Year 13. In Year 10 I was an above average student but wanted higher grades. One year later I was achieving excellence in most internals and externals. In Year 11 and Year 12 I won the highest academic achievement award.

In Year 13, even though I got very busy having other leadership roles at my school, Big Picture learning kept me on track, tutored me and fine-tuned my studies. They helped me balance my academic, social and sport commitments at school and not lose track of my goal. At the end of Year 13 I won the St Hilda’s Dux scholarship, first in subject for physics, calculus and history, the Roslyn Physiotherapy Health Sciences award and an honourary award for all around achievement.